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Forensic Data Recovery Expert Certification

Location: Atlanta, Ga
Date: April 6th 2020 - April 10th 2020

This is a new class called “Forensic Data Recovery Expert” from the core of the Certified Data Recovery Expert course. The price of this course is $3500 USD.

Forensic examiners do not have designation that is specific for those who are dealing with damaged media. This “Forensic Data Recovery Expert” certification aims to change that and provide a specific Forensic certification for those who testify about this type of evidence.  Many of you know I have been working in forensics for 20 years and have testified in many cases including criminal, federal and international cases. I feel after teaching for the last 12 years that this certification is needed  in the industry specifically for forensics.

The first class will be taught in Atlanta in April 6th to 10th 2020 by a subsidiary of Forensic Strategy Services.

If you are interested in this new forensic certification please email 

A small list of topics added in this class for Forensics to accommodate the FDRE certification will focus on:

  • Changes to the class to include more imaging options, especially for damaged media
  • How to image damaged sectors on evidence with every option from Ignore ECC, 
    • Multi-pass corrections, Cluster based evidence existence probability, etc. 
  • Focus on how damaged evidence affects the hashing and validation options.
  • Solid State imaging and hashing and the affect it has on data regardless of write blocking.
  • More focus on evidence containers such as Encase, and dd, FTK, and what can produce them with damaged sectors.
  • More discussions of how to use tools for forensics such as Deepspar Disk Imager, Guardonix USB3.0 Writeblocker and Stabilizer, Atola Forensic Imager and the Atola Taskforce, as well as other tools such as Forensic Falcon from Logicube, as well as several others. 
  • Introduction and use of some of the court cases I have testified in and review of the evidence, including the newest findings in Colorado I testified in regarding the status of data as a tangible asset.  
  • We will still deal with the physical disassembly and reassembly of hard drives down including the removal of the heads and the platters and making the drive functional again.

If you wish to have more information on this class or would like to sign up for it, please go to, or email Scott Moulton

I, Scott Moulton, have been doing forensics for 20 years and have testified in more than 30 case, including federal and international cases. I have successfully challenged validation processes in court cases several times, including but not limited to MD5 mismatches and modified evidence. 

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Forensic Data Recovery Expert Certification
Atlanta, Ga
April 6th 2020 - April 10th 2020

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