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MHDD Podcast #19

Thu 11 Jul, 2013 | No comments

Download or Play the MP3 click => mhdd019.mp3

Episode #19 on Podnutz:
We talk about Demetri mhdd32 4.6 atola
Scott has a bunch of upcoming classes
5-Day Bootcamp Expert Certification Class Santa Cruz, CA
August 19th 2013 - August 23rd 2013
5-Day Bootcamp Expert Certification Class Atlanta Georgia
September 16th 2013 - September 20th 2013
5-Day Bootcamp Expert Certification Class Washington DC
October 14th 2013 - October 18th 2013
File system class is the Atlanta Georgia in November 2013
Next SD card standard SDXC -
New USB tool for forensics and data recovery
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